Friday 11 September 2020

Risk Assessment of the Cervical Spine: A visit to the graveyard & directions for the future

That old chestnut the 'vertebral artery test' has been with us in Physiotherapy for nearly 4 decades, and yet still the arguments rage on about its clinical use. 

Confusion is never helpful in a clinical (or any) situation, so I've tried to make sense of the background, the logic and ongoing discussion regarding the use of 'the test that refused to die'.

Inspired by the recent debates within the literature, I've put together 3 SHORT FILMS.

Film I, discusses the history of the development and early use of the test. Film II uses some case studies to test the test, and then Film III, takes to the graveyard of old worn out tests, and attempts to offer some logical directions for the future for ALL clinicians working with neck pain, headache, dizziness and visual disturbances.

The key message, is that risk assessment of the cervical spine is relevant for ALL clinicians and NOT (as previously suggested) just for those who practice manual therapy. 

What we know from medico-legal cases is that delays to diagnosis and appropriate management can occur for a range of reasons. It may focus the mind to know that some medico-legal cases I've worked on, have involved assessment of the cervical spine (without intervention).

Hopefully, these films and the case studies contained within them will help to guide clinicians with their problem solving and clinical reasoning, in the quest for safe and efficient practice.

I. The Vertebral Artery Test - A SHORT FILM (Part I)

A short educational film about the long and tortuous history of the 'vertebral artery test', of interest to any clinician who manages patients with cervical spine issues.

II. The Vertebral Artery Test Part II: Risk assessment of the cervical spine

Part II of III, taking a look at the vertebral artery test from the perspective of NON manual therapists. Putting things into context using 4 case scenarios, with regard to risk assessment of the cervical spine. The video covers the umbrella concept of 'cervical arterial dysfunction'.

III. Cervical Spine Risk Assessment: Directions For The Future 


Part III of the vertebral artery videos, takes us to the graveyard of tired old clinical tests, and moves on to offer some directions for the future for risk assessment of the cervical spine. A consideration of blood pressure, cranial nerve examination and sensorimotor testing is incorporated into the clinical case studies that provide background for the video/vlog.

Find more detail at: Look out for the 'Cervical Spine: Risk & Rehabilitation online resources from Alan Taylor & Roger Kerry ... coming soon.

Author: Alan J Taylor is a writer and critic who tries to think about stuff . He works as a PhysiotherapistUniversity Assistant Professor and Medico-Legal expert witness whilst maintaining a small clinical work load. The views contained in this blog are his own and are not linked to any organisation or institution.  He once rode the Tour of Britain and worked as a cycling soigneur. He still enjoys riding a bicylce through the leafy lanes of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. In a World full of conflict and division ... like Bukowski, he 'writes to stay sane'.

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